Smartthings app for triggering apple homekit devices via the smartthings hub's mobile interface

Is there any app that I can install, for my smartthings hub, making it possible to communicate with other devices like apple’s homekit devices?

I want to use the Smartthings hub and it’s mobile app interface for controlling my whole home, rather than using different apps for everything. Smartthings is great as it supports both z-wave as well as zigbee. I mostly prefer z-wave due to the advantage of extended range when utilizing z-wave pluss devices, however the zigbee suport is also handy, in case there is a special device I would like that I cannot find supporting z.wave. however in this regards I would love to be able to also control my homekit devices from the smartthings app itself, so that I could also buy apple products as well if needed (I’m using my apple tv 4 as homekit hub).

I already have similar apps like this. like for example for my brunt blind controller which originally is a wifi device, and also app integration for my harmony hub to control my IR devices like stereo, projector and TV. etc. SO I guess this should in theory be possible, no? Or maybe Apple typically doesn’t allow these kind of integrations?