App update notice 2020/02 Typo

Second paragraph
2.Explore SmartThings through our “Virtual Home” - even you do not have connected devices.

Prolly too late to correct but as ST is a Samy product nowadays it would have looked better typed correctly


“Prolly”? …

Must be the same person that wrote the text in the HomeCare Wizard Smart app


Yes, my apple logies JD :grin:

I always check my accessories for better Jim hahaha, that’s a good one

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That looks like the Chinese to English translated version of the MiHome app from when I first got my Roborock vacuum a few years ago.

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You should see the foreign language translations. It seems like someone translated some words without any knowledge about their meanings in the app.

History in the previous UX version, when it wasn’t on the other tab, it was translated to “Motion History”.

I can see even mixed translations too where other languages were used together.

-The SmartThings app basically sold with all Samsung phones in many countries, so it has translations to all those languages. And unfortunately you cannot change language, because it uses the phone’s language setting.


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