App Not Loading, Automations Not Running - Aug 23, 3:55pm CDT


My app won’t load anything.

IDE unresponsive - error 503. (NA02)

Automations not running.

Nothing on ST status page.

UPDATE: IDE is intermittent, very slow.


Same. I think this is a platform outage. None of my routines will run and I have no control over anything.

(Bill S.) #3

Just saw the alert about it:

(Bryce Miner) #4

Rebooted the hub and still issues. Came here looking for answers…hopefully this is resolved soon. Another reason not to add a hub for extended family members. They wouldn’t put up with this and return it.


Yep, they were reasonably quick to put out a notice this time.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #6

Well… ActionTiles (NA01, NA04, EU01, …) is working at this exact moment; so I wonder what the scope is…; or if it is already resolved.


App is loading now but half my devices are offline at the moment.

IDE seems okay now.

(Bill S.) #8

My mobile app is working again, but nothing aside from my Hue lights are responding.


Devices slowly coming back online but for most, status is all wrong.

Automations still not firing.

(Bill S.) #10

My devices are still not responding. sigh


It took a while but from what I can tell, I’m all back working. For some time things were very laggy and reporting wrong status.