Classic App Issues / Hub Delays (1 September 2020)

Is anyone having issues with the Classic App? Cannot get it running on multiple devices. Simply states ‘Something’s wrong…’.

The new app is working but all responses from the hub are very slow, automations are slow. IDE is accessible via the web.

Smartthings Status says everything is fine right now so I am not sure what is going on right now. The new app is terrible as well. Classic app is far superior.



Brett, does NOT say everything is OK right now:

Issues with Device Control and Automation ExecutionSubscribe

Investigating - Users in the Americas may be experiencing delays and intermittent failures with controlling devices from the mobile apps and automations. Additionally, some users may experience slow loading times for certain parts of the mobile apps. We are investigating and will provide updates as they are available.
Sep 1, 12:26 EDT


Thanks. It wasn’t showing that when I was troubleshooting earlier. It showed operational and the most recent issues were resolved. It is showing degraded performance for me now. Hopefully this is resolved soon.