App iOS version 1.6.89 issues

Sep 19, 2022, 4:32 PM MST

Hey Alberto,

Apologies for the delayed response.

We have been working on the issue that you are facing and we are not seeing the “Interrupter Lavenderia” device on the account. Can you please add the device back to the account so we can check the device setup? As you are using a number of custom drivers and DTHs this may be causing some of the weird behavior that you are experiencing. However, we would like to review the device set up to make sure nothing else is incorrect.

Interesting… I need to limit my devices?
If I have a hundred devices, and I need close to 10 different drivers… this may be the problem!?

And I have not a complex environment, because 90% of my devices are Zigbee, and all Wifi devices are Samsung devices (ST ready).

I believe they mentioned this because we cannot see the code of custom DTHs, and a developer can configure a device presentation that omits certain options in any view (automation, details, etc.) which could be causing this issue if that were the case.
I couldn’t find the device either so we don’t know its type (which DTH it uses).
This issue is happening to me using an Edge driver, so it can be due to something else. Having the details of your device, the engineering team can compare their configuration. This way we know if it’s a general issue or limited to certain integration type. This is part of a normal investigation, are you sure you have the device “Interrupter Lavenderia” installed? Perhaps you changed its name…

Just as a reference, using Edge, you can install a max number of 50 drivers, but a single driver can control several devices.

I understand, but the problem happens with every multi-switch device in iOS ST app, since this specific version. They don’t have any way to simulate this for iOS app or review app version changes?

I don’t know more details about their tests but speaking from my experience it’s better to have more info on the original device that has the issue because it is faster to analyze and replicate if needed instead of starting from scratch.
In this case, the engineering team (not the Customer team) has access to my device as well, so, yours would be extra helpful info.

If it helps I can confirm that this happens on my iOS devices too. Had to borrow an android device to set up meaningful routines. That should be quite easy to spot in with a little platform comparison session.


@nayelyz I can also confirm that this is an iOS app issue. The pictures below show that when trying to create, add, or edit a routine that there are no ‘On Off’ options available under then ‘Then’ condition statement. The devices I have that are having this issue are a Fibaro Double Switch, Zooz Zen16, and Zooz Zen52. The Fibaro DS (Safe Heater) started using an Edge driver @Mariano_Colmenarejo months ago and I had no issues adding the automations under iOS, but now items are missing from the selection While the Zooz devices only had edge drivers available this last week. The first ZEN16 I added in the morning and edited its automations with no issue. There was then a new app update that afternoon and when I added the remaining two ZEN16 I encountered this issue. I contacted @krlaframboise and he advised me that it was not an issue on Android. I then used an old Pixel that I have and was able to edit all of the routines. I also had to do this again when the edge driver was released for the ZEN52. Although the Zen52 ‘Then’ condition does not have the items missing for relay2.

The pictures below show that the default ‘relay 1 turn on’ will be added as it is not visible


But the problem happens with EVERY multi-switch device. The problem is not a specific device, or user. The problem happened since iOS ST app update.

I believe that dev team is not understanding how critical is this bug, because EVERY Smartthings user using iOS ST app is not able to create or modify any Routine for multi-switch devices since this update (more than a month ago), exactly when they need to recreate and modify them due Groovy shutdown.

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Yes,That is my experience

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If you open the settings of both those devices and send me the profile name shown at the bottom I can send @nayelyz the VIDs which will hopefully rule out my presentations as the problem…

Do you mean for the missing “On”/“Off” options? Thanks but it’s not necessary as we know it is not caused by the presentation.

I saw your post above about how the presentation could be causing the problem, but I just noticed that you were responding to a completely different issue so sorry about that…

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Today feedback…

We would like to inform you that our engineers are currently aware of the issue, and are currently investigating.

Our developers were able to recreate the issue, so we will work on a fix. We will resolve the issue as quickly as possible from our end. We really apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience while we continue working on a fix.

You should still be able to control the lights manually in the meantime.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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That is more than I have received. I provided them with detailed screenshots for both the routine and scene issues, app logs and app version. I also let them know it works fine with android. Since my last input, I have heard nothing…

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I believe that ST support team is trying to be funny.

Today Kalemula Aditya wrote me that I need to wait support here in this community topic, because I don’t live in US.
Not so funny because support webpage for everybody not living in US is not working since Edge migration started.

They are not understanding the real impact for iOS users, maybe leaving Smartthings plataform for Tuya or others.

I have received two more requests for information and testing but they all focus on operation not not the fact that it is not providing the needed options. Haven’t heard back since my last input on Friday. I did also send them an Android screen capture someone else had posted showing what it should look like. Hopefully they will figure it out soon. :thinking:

Hi, @allmac, @guxdude.
Please, let me check internally if there’s an update about this. I’ll let you know my findings.


Check? There are so many problems with the iOS app you might as well ask when they are going to totally re-write it, or hire a different contractor.

I just noticed today that I cannot edit the STHM in iOS (iPad), but I can in Android (any flavor).

The iOS (iPad) app keeps resetting itself so that makes for a terrible user experience.

They should just delete the iOS app code they have now and start over.

I am iOS (Cocoa + Swift ) and Android (Java) developer… 2 years ago I had serious problems because it was necessary to use an specific framework from a swedish company, and developers team in India was not accepting their mistakes in the framework development. It was so easy… they were using many outdated code in Swift, already removed from Apple 6 month ago.
Maybe this iOS dev team is not ready to work in this project!? They have not the necessary commitment… as we can already know.

As I wrote to Aditya in my last email…

I believe that it is time to make this problem a real problem. Maybe to spread this topic to others community plataforms with ST topics, and make this serious bug goes to someone in Samsung really responsible and worry with Smartthings plataform and users experience.
There are some home-automation digital-influencers with direct access to people in Samsung, maybe contact them.
Because Edge migration is not working as it should be, for all iOS users. This is already a serious disaster for ST plataform, so long without a serious answer and solution.
It is necessary also a quick solution for the impossibility of non-US users open support tickets, because support website is broken. Soon this will be sounding an ethnic priority in support.

This is how Support team is worried about users problems…

Thanks for writing back to us.

I have checked for alternatives for providing better information. So I got a phone number where they can assist you with the required assistance.

You can reach them at 1-800-SAMSUNG or (1-800-726-7864) 8 AM - 12 AM EST M-F 9 AM - 6 PM EST Sat, Closed Sunday.

I hope I’ve directed you to the correct department.

Have a great day ahead!

Kalemula Aditya
Samsung SmartThings Support