App in Spanish

anyone knows whether the application will be released in Spanish or is an unlikely choice ?

Notifications in Spanish, etc

It looks like SmartThings has been doing some localization work with SmartApps for Korean… I haven’t heard much on what’s happening with the mobile app or other languages though.

@joshua_lyon is correct that we are doing the heavy lifting to get the app localized for the Korean language (and other languages in the future). That said, most notifications are set by the user so they already can be delivered in any language you want.

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I’ll be glad to help with the Spanish translation of the app. Being the 2nd most common language in the US, ST might find it useful.

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With Rule Machine, everything can be in spanish… using routines you will have to deal with some english wording.

You can use different languages in sound notifications, you need to install some apps like :