[RELEASE] Weather Report Multilanguage

This Weather Report can be set to a different language.

TTS Engines :

Smarthings : English, audio quality Very Good

Voice RSS: Several Languages, Free API KEY needed, Audio quality Good

Ivona : Several Languages, Free API KEY needed, Audio quality Very Good

Google: Limited to 200 Chars and can be blocked any time., Audio quality Normal

You can help me translating a some words in sentence to get a fluid message.

Rose Wind need to be normalized to avoid speech like E-N-E instead “East-northeast”

Some languages have been translated, but with a translator tool, its better id a human translator can help to make it more personal.

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Hello. I installed this yesterday. It works also with SONOS but is keeps repeating the track with weather. Regardless the settings. Do you know what line should I change and how to disable the repeate mode?

Thank you.

Hi, You can disabled the repeate mode with sonos app , or any DLNA controller,