API Showing all devices as placeholders

I’ve switched to the new Aeotec v3 hub and added my devices (well… the ones that still work). When I check the API, the devices all show as placeholders, showing " " for hub. (Likewise, the hub page shows “no devices found”.)
BUT - They operate fine and selecting the “placeholder device” events, all events are correctly displayed! I’ve re-booted the hub, but that changes nothing.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?

z-wave/zigbee devices or other?

Well - An Arlo Camera and two wi-fi smarthings smart-plug (7A-PL-W-A1), so neither, I think…

Placeholder is expected for WiFi devices

All cloud cloud integrations will show as “placeholder.“ I think the only exception at this point is the “hub connected“ Devices, zwave and zigbee.

But to be honest I’m not sure about the “direct connected“ devices, which are Wi-Fi devices that don’t have their own cloud. but there aren’t very many of those.

Anyway, yes, you will see a lot of “placeholder“ entries now if you have any Wi-Fi devices.

How very odd (and annoying…) Oh well… Thanks

The IDE is part of the legacy platform that is based around the Groovy DTH concept to handle devices. The devices you are seeing are integrated with the current (‘new’) platform. They are mapped onto the legacy platform but as they don’t use a Groovy DTH they just have a ‘placeholder’.


Thanks! (But it’s still annoying…)

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