API call for door control issues?

I’m sorry @nayelyz for tagging you so much, but everytime I have issues you are able to help me solve them quickly.

I am calling on the door control capability with this.

{ "commands": [ { "component": "main", "capability": "doorControl", "command": "open", "arguments": [] } ] }

It returns 200 but the opener does nothing. The device info is this. I know I’m doing something wrong I just can’t figure it out.

{"deviceId":"e1483459-c2a6-42e6-a93f-6fcba7f8106e","name":"base-garage-door","label":"GoControl Garage Door","manufacturerName":"SmartThingsCommunity","presentationId":"f6451b63-8763-3369-a644-a2c4372dbac8","deviceManufacturerCode":"014F-4744-3530","locationId":"7b48bdb7-1aa5-4689-a8ee-4ad213b43b3e","roomId":"da41a27e-ae00-4d30-b408-24d56181ba84","components":[{"id":"main","label":"main","capabilities":[{"id":"doorControl","version":1},{"id":"contactSensor","version":1},{"id":"refresh","version":1}],"categories":[{"name":"GarageDoor","categoryType":"manufacturer"}]}],"createTime":"2022-01-22T22:53:59.381Z","parentDeviceId":"12734877-add5-4ef8-a2f6-0c26ba76d692","profile":{"id":"7e839227-a751-3db1-a9f4-66088b32e431"},"zwave":{"networkId":"74","driverId":"f2f2679a-24fb-40da-9322-4c85988e9b53","executingLocally":true,"hubId":"12734877-add5-4ef8-a2f6-0c26ba76d692","networkSecurityLevel":"ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY","provisioningState":"PROVISIONED"},"type":"ZWAVE","restrictionTier":0,"allowed":[]}

Hi, @Jake_Mohl!

Sorry for the delay, in the driver logs (logcat command), do you see the incoming message?
If the command is accepted by the API, then, the issue is in the driver but we need to see if it gets the message and how it handles it.

Hmmm this might be a bit difficult. I’m accessing the API through a HTTP Post command from Tasker kind of like how Postman can send commands to the API.

I don’t think I am able to obtain logcat data that way.

ok, just to confirm, the commands from the app work correctly, right? The only issue is with the commands sent from the API.

This is your device, right? https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/1458?selectedFrequencyId=2

Yes, I believe so. This is the Raw Data from when it was using the DTH.

Raw Description zw:Ls type:4007 mfr:014F prod:4744 
model:3530 ver:2.01 zwv:4.05 lib:03 cc:5E,5A,72,73,98 sec:86,85,59,66,22,71