Anyway to launch a routine from windows desktop?

I have some routines, wondering has anyone come up with a way to launch it from the windows desktop? i.e. … double click on icon, routine launches (no logging in to website, etc)

I believe you can do it with ActionTiles.

If you have Webcore, you can do this. Each Webcore piston (routine) has an associated URL command string.
That URL can be triggered by any other system that has the ability to send the command. So you could simply create shortcuts that contain them.

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For simple Piston execution, just use the URL. If you want to turn on/off stuff then check out EventGhost. It can send commands to ST.

Skip down to step 6 for instructions:

Thanks for the help from both of you. I found the external URL feature. But nothing happens when I use the URL, I think it might be how I have it coded.

I set up my routines like this and everything has been working fine, I can execute them via the smartthings app or alexa. Am I doing this right? When I use the external URL for this, nothing happens.


You have an “If”…

This means that the Routine has to execute in order for the Piston to “Do”. You would need a way to remotely execute the Routine…

If you want to use the URL, then take the “If” out and just leave the “Do”.

You can make another Piston that says:

If Routine executes
Then execute Piston