Anyway to get Echo to play a playlist via an ST command?

I see that there is a Sonos app (or something) that allows you to play a playlist but I just want to issue an ST command to start Echo playing a certain playlist (so I could, for example, use my Apple watch to start an ST command and switch playlists on Echo). Any ideas on how or if this could happen?

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Do you have anything that can play voice announcements for an event? A Sonos, VLC-Thing on a computer, etc? Alexa will listen to to that…you just have the voice announcement be something like “Alexa, play …” She hears and obeys.

Nah, I don’t have anything like that – just me (I’m the one who talks :>).

I may have to ask this on the Echo forum and see if there’s some kind of IFTT thingee (assuming then that I can get ST to implement some IFTT code of some sort – this is getting deeper than I’m used to on this end).

What are you using for Media playback? I use Kodi, Core and Kodi device type to do this… I created three virtual momentary switched. The only down side… I have to say “turn on playlist…” I also have a another labeled “forward”. That will skip to the next song.

Hope that helps.

No, it’s just Echo playing the Amazon music.

I have a Harmony device I use to turn the stereo on so that’s no problem – I was just hoping I could have one single command do it all.

I thought this was a native ability in Echo? Can’t you just tell it directly to play your Amazon playlist or station? You shouldn’t need ST for that.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear in my first post – I want to be able to program it so I can just press a button (say on my Apple watch) that runs a rule, say, in ST so I DON’T have to say anything (or, for example, something that triggers when the garage door opens and I come home).

Yes, I can say whatever I want, but that’s not programmable. There are lots of times I would love to just start up the appropriate playlist without speaking.

Gotcha, I misunderstood. I haven’t seen anything yet that can run commands on the Echo (including IFTTT - Alexa is available as a “this” but not a “that”). Seems to be a one-way street so far.

I agree, Right now the echo doesn’t support this. I recommend doing as I did and submitting feedback on the echo asking for this capability. The only thing we can do is ask at this point…