Anyone using a robot vacuum cleaner?

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I read the review Roomba 805 vs 860 . it’s nice


I realize this is a somewhat old thread, but with the increasing popularity of these things and DH being written for them, I thought I’d add my two cents.

I have recently tried 2 different models; the Shark irobot 750, and the Neato Botvac D3 Connected.

The Shark was a dumb machine, no particular smarts to the software. It roamed around aimlessly until the battery ran low and then that was it until you recharge it and start again. Many missed sections of the floor.

I replaced it with the Neato. This work far better for essentially the same price. It has mapping tech and moves around the room in a very methodical manner. You get a map of what was vacuumed. Virtually no missed spots once it is finished. For large areas, it recharges itself twice if needed to finish the job.

Alyc100 has written a very helpful DH and ST app for this brand.

I hope this helps folks looking to purchase a robotic vac.

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Potential spam reported.

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An update for anyone who is interested. I’ve owned a lot of robot vacuums since starting this thread.

2x - Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum
Great on carpets, gets stuck on everything. Falls down the stairs. Heavy, so when falling will likely hurt someone. Expensive as heck.

2x - Deebot N79
Cheap, dumb as hell. Just runs around the room bumping into things. Because it runs FOREVER it eventually gets everything. Not great on deep cleaning carpets.

1x - Neato D7
Just picked this up last week. Seems great, however I’ll follow up.

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I’m surprised you never got I robot…
Excellent integration

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My decision making is sometimes irrational. I don’t like the name.

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Hahaha. Scared it might attack?

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Anyone eyeballing the i7+ this black friday?

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I bought one a couple of weeks ago from.Best Buy with a 10%, I haven’t had a roomba since the 3rd or 4th gen, it cleans good, and much better than before on hard floors, the battery life isn’t great but emptying itself is great.

As far as integration it’s only IFTTT so I have it start when everyone leaves and will dock itself when anyone comes home, for single room cleaning Google home works good. There are some IFTTT actions to clean individual rooms but they are not working for me right now, it just cleans everything when it runs. I’m currently working with irobot support on that issue, but overall it seems pretty much a good set and forget robot vacuum.

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How do you guys know if a rob vac is compatible with smarttings?
On neato website I did not found any mentions about smartthings

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can you connect it with smartthings?

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can you integrate it with ST?

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We know because of this community.

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I have the I7 working with smartthings though HomeKit/HomeBridge… but IFTTT works well too