Anyone using a Remotec ZFM-80 (or similar) to switch a DC load?

(Jim Beletti) #1

I’m using two Remotec ZFM-80s to control my overhead garage doors. Works well. I have a new application and am wondering is the ZFM-80 us a good fit.

Is anyone using a Remotec ZFM-80 (or similar) to switch a DC load through the relay?

In an RV application, I would like to switch a low-current (couple of amps) 12 VDC circuit. Say, a light circuit. When I look at the at Figure 2 in the manual, it appears that I can switch a load (external power source) through the relay.
ZFM-80 Figure 2

So my application would be to switch + 12 VDC through the ZFM-80’s relay.

Also, I’d like to configure an external switch. Looking at the Configuration Command for External Switch parameters, looks like I can use a SPST switch and configure the ZFM-80 parameter 1 with value 3 for a rocker switch (short = On; open = Off) - which appears to be the default parameter value. Being the default, this would mean I won’t have to figure out how to set the value.

Thoughts anyone?