Anyone know of just a video transmitter?

I know there’s a series of cameras that I can use with my hub, but has anyone know if there’s just a transmitter that I can use a camera with?
I have a security camera already setup and was looking to just integrate it instead of replacing.

I’m somewhat confused by what you mean by a video transmitter. What’s the make and model of the camera? It’s quite likely that your camera is a video transmitter if you can view the streams from any other device including a phone or web browser.

If there’s a URL that you can go to to see the video feed from your camera, you can use that with SmartTiles to display a screenshot from the video with your dashboard. You can find many examples of this in the forums in the smarttiles topics. :sunglasses:



There are also some people who have security camera systems which record to a type of DVR, and then they are able to do something with that.

However, none of these options display video in the official smartthings mobile app. To do that, you must use one of the officially compatible camera models:

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I do have a foscam camera which I log into to check, the smart tiles would do the job. I guess I was looking to see if there was a way to may an older camera compatible with the hub. The Smart Tiles looks like it would do the job. Thanks.

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SmartTiles is just one way to display a screenshot that many people find convenient.

There are also some device type handlers for other cameras which can even display a stream with in the device details for some cameras and might work better for some use cases. @pstuart would know more about that approach.

Are you looking to do just display the video or are you looking to do anything logically with the image? Meaning, are you looking to have triggering on motion detection and the like?

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You may want to look at this as an option: