Anyone know of a power monitoring smart plug that can trigger routines? (2023)

hello all. Im looking for recommendations for a power monitoring plug that I can trigger, say a notification or other automations from the power capabilities. for example, I currently have a PMP on my furnace condensate pump. I would like to know when it turns on. I have a smart life scene that when the plug transfers >200Ma, I get a notification. the thing is im trying to migrate away from SL as their stuff is just to unreliable. ive tried PM plugs from tp-link and switch bot but neither have any power capabilities in Smartthings and no routines in their native apps.

I use Sengled E1C-NB7 for my washer, dryer, espresso maker and many other devices that I want to monitor or use power in routines and they work well, I assume you are in the US based on your 49er logo.

Do you have a ST and where do you live? This makes a big difference.

Yes , in the US and yes have ST hubs(2). thanks for the recommendation Nick. I’ll give these a try since amazon will take them back if it doesn’t work out.

I use @Mariano_Colmenarejo Driver Name: Zigbee Switch Power Mc

There is an community written edge driver for TP-LINK Kasa plugs which expose the power monitoring to routines in ST.

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can always count on this community to come through. Looks like both my hubs are enrolled in that driver. when I look at settings in all my tp link products, I can’t add drivers to any of them. been a while since I messed with any of the drivers so I’ll read up on them in the wiki. thanks guys

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I am looking for smart plugs, or power strips that are energy monitoring and will report energy usage to Smartthings to use in a routine. The plug can be directly connected to the ST hub, or via a third-party app, but it must report energy consumption. If direct connected to ST, it must have an Edge driver.

Use Case: I have two 3D printers that I would like to monitor. Using a Smarthings branded plug, I can see that their energy consumption in use is much different than at idle. I will add a routing that notifies me when the power state goes to idle. The routing is known, as I use a similar one to let me know when my coffee is done brewing.

Look at this:

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I use the Zooz Zen15 from The Smartest House to trigger routines based on energy. It has an edge driver from Zooz (plus their 4th of July sale starts soon). Kasa devices also work well. They connect via 3rd party or edge driver (I’m not positive if edge supports energy monitoring).

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I have one of the older ST plugs, would have to look for a model number that works fine. I have a routine that if amps drop below 5 it will shut itself off. Use for a bike charger.

I have one of those too. I use it on my coffee pot to know when it is done brewing. Unfortunately, they are rare and pricey,

I think I messed up. I saw that the Kasa KP-115 plugs had an edge driver. I didn’t put two and two together to realize that my Gen 2 hub won’t connect WIFI items. Now I have them integrated through the Kasa app. Is there any way to get them to report power or am I back to square one?

No power reporting is available in ST unless you use the Edge Driver.

You could take it up with TP-LINK as since the own the official integration.

How do I use the edge driver on a wifi device?

You install the driver on your hub then run scan nearby.

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Doesn’t find the wifi device.

Try to power cycle (unplug and plug in) the device while running San nearby.

I gave up on the kp-115. I wasn’t aware that the v2 hub would not find wifi devices but I have a connect home hub as well with all the same drivers as my v2 and neither discover any of my tp-link devices unless through the tp-link integration. I only bought 1 kp-115 for my need (hope you don’t have more). I bought a 4 pack of the third reality PM plugs ( and they seem to work great with Mariano’s zigbee switch power mc driver.HTH

I have two v2 hubs and they both find WiFi devices without any issues.

I have 4 Kasa plugs (HS105, KP115 & two KP125) running with the “TP-Link Beta” Edge Driver. The KP115 and KP125 plugs both report Power and Energy.

The HS105 is the only one ST had trouble finding. I had to power cycle it (unplug & plug in) while ST was running Scan Nearby.