Anyone have any experience with this pressure mat?

I’ve been kicking around the idea of putting a pressure mat (connected to a n open/close sensor) under my mattress to automate some nightly routines. Does anyone have any experience with this Vive pressure mat?

Being only $15, I’m tempted to try it, but the deep sale on it also scares me away just slightly. :slight_smile:

That is inexpensive and I’m am going to try one too. I used a United Security mat and it work well when it was positioned correctly. However, the area it covered was too small and if it slipped under the mattress it would not work.

Where did you place your United Security mat? Was it under the sheets or under the mattress?

Also, did you happen to order one of these? They are still on sale, but based on the alarm/connection, I was trying to decide if this could be connected to a contact sensor.

It was under the mattress. When weight was place on the mattress directly above the mat, it worked fine. I just didn’t cover enough area for someone who moves a lot in their sleep. I had the mat connected to an Ecolink door sensor, which work very well.