Anyone figured how to control WW on GLEDOPTO RGBWW zigbee LED controller?


I’m just wondering if anyone have a solution to control WW color on my GLEDOPTO RGBWW LED controller?
Or if anyone have some device handler I can try?


What DTH are you using for the device?

You can add these devices directly to a Hue hub if you have one. Gives you full control, but the colours can be a bit off… If you directly connect it to SmartThings, you don’t get quite the same level of control, but it you should be able to connect it without using any kind of DTH using the native handlers in the usual way.

Everything has a DTH, whether it is a native one or a custom one. That is why I asked which one is being used in this case.

I have been using this one

but still I cant figure out how to control WW. Whatever I do WW color stays on even if I turn off the LED controller

Also as soon as you pair this LED controller with Smartthings hub, he recognize him as ZLL RGBW light

Unfortunately I dont have a Hue hub… I read thats the only way you can control RGB and WW separately but I was hoping that someone has figured how to do all that without Hue hub and only with Smartthing hub.

Which DTH are you actually using? Because the first one definitely supports ColotTemp control. So, that would be the one you want.

I just installed this one of these and it picked up the default ST DTH.
The colour controls and dimmer work just fine. If I want white I just touch the Colour temp slider and the White comes on and turns off the colour. This all seems fine unless you want the colour and the white at the same time?.

Yes Im using the first one but still whatever I do I still cant figure how to turn off WW color. I tried changing color temp, color, turning off device in ST app but still the WW is ON.

Which one did you used? I’m using GLEDOPTO RGBWW zigbee LED controller… I heard that GLEDOPTO RGBCC controller can control WW color just fine so thats why Im asking which one did you try. And can you please tell me what DTH is your controller using in ST IDE?

I use ZLL RGBW Bulb from the ST DTH library.
I tried the ones from Ben Rimmasch and a Gledopto modded one from an unnamed source base on the ST code and neither funtioned correctly.

You will need the RGBCCT version + Hue hub, they will show two lights on HUE, then you can control the color and the white respectively.

That is a terrible way of doing it. You should have one light that does RGB or CT mode. The controller should be smart enough to be able to make whatever RGB or CT value you request based on the 4 colors it has available. I’ve been looking at these for a while…kinda glad I didn’t pick one up now.

this video will show you how

LOL Actually most of the brands achieve white color through mix rgb colors. They even don’t have white beads in the board.

This one does since it is an RGBW. The W stands for White. I also fail to see what you find funny.

can someone move this groovy please to EDGE?

It’s was moved year ago. Search for Mariano’s Zigbee driver

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