Anybody using Modern Forms smart fans?


I just got my Modern Form’s fan in and it appears to have some promise. It is a smart fan that currently integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant, Ecobee, and Nest now, as well as via an App. It comes with a wall controller that looks similar to the Lutron Caseta form factor. I ordered it over the summer as it was a preorder and just got it this weekend. Got it installed and the apps works great. The wall control is fine, but had problems with the Alexa voice control. After a call with their engineers today, we got that resolved (it likes for the fan to have a fairly unique name and you have to be specific in how you ask commands i.e; Alexa, ask Modern Forms to <fan/light> <on/off> etc. All in all, sharp fans, a little pricey, and a lot of promise. modern

Question: Is anybody else using this fan? I know that it is very new. Any thoughts/ideas on ways to more integrate this in my setup?



Nice looking fan! Find out what RF protocol their wall controller uses. And if they plan to have an IFTTT service.

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Will see what i can find out.

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Just received a box with Modern Forms fan Morpheus III. Selected it because of a general statement on the Modern Forms website that they support Smartthings. However, a sticker was placed on the box to obscure the Smartthings logo, so I am going to get in touch with Modern Forms support to understand if they backed out of Smartthings integration. If so, I may return the fan and look elsewhere. Any recommendations?

Today, a technical support rep from Modern Forms told me that Smartthings integration is forthcoming but he couldn’t give a date.


This is now part of the Modern Forms app and it does indeed provide some level of integration. It only works in the new SmartThings app AND it doesn’t allow you to use the Modern Forms devices (in my case, the ceiling fan and light are separate devices) in any of the automation.

This kind of sucks because the scheduling through the Modern Forms app is horrendous.

Looks like this is step 1.

I am interested in one of this fans… I am sure it will be a matter of time till a DTH comes out. :slight_smile:

Just checking - you do realize it can be added using the STSC app :slight_smile:

I dont use the new app. I am in classic. :slight_smile:

I have two MF fans the Morpheus III and the Windflower 80, love both and Alexa was easy and works well, integrating with ecobee is a fail so far I am going to get a third MF fan unsure on model

Im hoping to get a MF fan without a light. Is it possible to use the RF wall controller to control a different smart light? (Can I base rules on the RF controller light state?)

Does anybody know why the Modern Forms fans aren’t available for automations? I’m bummed I can’t add the Fan and Fan light from my new Modern Forms fan to ActionTiles for my dashboards. The fan works great and the integration works, but it is a hassle to open the ST app to control the fan. Too slow. The dashboard integration would be choice. That said, Alexa integration is seamless and that’s nice, but I would like to see fan and fan light status on the dashboard. It would also be nice to include in the “all off” routines.

Curious if anybody has done any digging into this or heard any news since the last update to this thread.