Any XYZ sensor compatible with smartthings?


Can you make recipes (for the rules API) with those values as a trigger?


Can you create SharpTools rules based on those values?

I ask because in the old groovy architecture you could definitely make a smartapp that could use the xyz values of the SmartThings Multisensor: quite a few community members built cubes using that device where they knew which face was up and triggered scenes or hello home actions from that. I think the original was the Mood Cube, but there were eventually about half a dozen with slightly different features.

Here’s one example where the groovy code is still visible (although of course unsupported by the current architecture).

And here’s one of the original project reports. It would be a shame if the new architecture has lost this functionality: there was some really cool stuff based on it. :disappointed_relieved:

A wooden cube that controls lighting [OBSOLETE]