Any way to adapt fan controller for a table/pedestal fan?

Just wondering if it’s possible to use a dimmer outlet or fan controller for adjusting the speed of regular plug in table or pedestal fans. Would the dimmer outlets allow the electricity to fluctuate and slow down/speed up the fan speed similar to brightening/dimming light bulbs? I’m hoping someone can help me out with this since I’m not actually an electrician and for all I know this could do nothing but constantly trip my breaker or worse yet cause an electrical fire.

Definitely do not use a dimmer on a motor. That will burn out the motor and could cause a fire. The only Zwave fan controllers I have seen are ones that install into electrical boxes. If you are handy you could make one using an inwall switch that could work in your scenario where the load is a female plug.

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Preformatted textSo attach an electrical box housing the fan control to the fan itself? Of course I’d remove the existing speed control switches and wire directly from fan control to the motor.

Would this work?

Leviton VRF01-1LZ Vizia RF + 1.5A Scene Capable Quiet Fan Speed Control, White/Ivory/Light Almond, Works with Amazon Alexa

Or could I use a micro switch like this?

Micro Switch G2, DSC26103-ZWUS, by Aeotec with pigtails (1-pack)

Wow that is an expensive switch. The GE version is half the cost and I have several of these installed in my home:

I don’t believe there is a micro switch that is rated for controlling a fan motor.

Was thinking you could get a short extension cord and cut it and put the switch in the middle. This will give you a female plug to use for your fan without modifying it. Then just leave your fan on high speed like all of us do with our ceiling fans when using these switches. This way you could move the fan around or repurpose it if need be.

pedestal/table fans do not change speeds like ceiling fans do, so you can’t use a single “fan speed control” module or switch to change speeds.

Most smart plug modules will switch a pedestal/table fan on/off but don’t use a dimmer . It’s a nice addition to home automation.

It seems like something so simple that you could do it fairly easily. Perhaps not everyone out there is quite as obsessed with home automation as me. Blah. If the GE Quirky air conditioners or smart Kenmore ones didn’t cost so much more than regular ones I’d get one. Thought about getting e if those adapters or whatever that connect your AC to WiFi but at that price you may as well get the smart AC instead.