Any update on echo speaks lite?

There are multiple ways to recreate the hub connect functionality using our new APIs. Any interested developers using home assistant, hubitat, or whatever other thing can use these APIs. There is rest based oAuth API in closed beta right now. A more immediate solution would be an endpoint SmartApp running on whatever platform you wish to connect to ST. This would expose your ST device states and controls.


Probably as we know HubConnect today, but a similar solution will be somewhat trivial (using that term lightly) to design and operate against the SmartThings Cloud API. The Hubitat Hub can use other cloud APIs today, pretty sure ST API would not be an exception.

(and thanks Jody for the confirmation!) - edited.

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That’s awesome. ST has taken positive steps to reduce cloud to cloud traffic (an issue with apps like Echo Speaks). So can we assume these new APIs will be local, so Home Assistant or OpenHAB won’t have to keep hitting the ST cloud?

Today these are cloud only

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Hey @jody.albritton since amazon and Smartthings are working together for matter is there a possibility we can see echo devices show up in smartthings so that we can use them for TTS?

Almost certainly. My reading of the tea leaves is that HubConnect on SmartThings is gone when Groovy goes away. The existing remote drivers for HubConnect use the same Groovy code for remote SmartThings or remote Hubitat hubs. Given that the primary HubConnect author has moved on it would require someone new to come on board and write lots of new code to interface to the new ST APIs.


What is the value of Echo speaks when we have the ability to run routines in Alexa with voice? I am confused. Maybe I wasn’t a EchoSpeaks power user.

Personally, I only use Echo Speaks to turn my various Alexa devices into a TTS device for SmartThings/Hubitat.

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Well it does not work anymore

One value is being able to run routines as part of another automation and without using a voice command. @jlv has already indicated another.

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