Any success on Chamberlain MyQ

I’ve tried to search here with limited results.
Has there been any success in linking Charmberlain MyQ garage to Smart Things Hub?
If yes…
What’s required?
Do I still purchase the MyQ Internet Gateway CIGBU?

Thanks in advance-

I believe the following is the most popular integration, just ask your questions in that topic. :sunglasses:

(The forum has its own search, use the magnifying glass in the upper right.)

Thanks much I appreciate it

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Thanks for posting, this worked miracles on V1 and the same on my V2 hub with IOS 2.0.

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Does this work with the Wifi Model garage door openers or just the separate gateway? I have the Chamberlain HD750WF. Thanks in advance!

Yes it would work with it. I have one and it works wonderfully

is there a way to explain your simple directions to me because im not that good at a lot of this stuff im sure im the dumbest guy here but i would really appreciate the help

Just read that this no longer works