Any set up tips?

I am a recovering Iris user and have ordered the Samsung SmartThings ADT Wireless Home Security Starter Kit. I’ll also be bringing over the following devices from my former Iris system:
3 Iris contact sensors, v2
2 Iris motion sensors, v2
3 First Alert smore & CO detectors
1 Utilitech water leak detector
1 Utilitech indoor siren
4 Iris smart plugs, v2
2 GE light switches
1 Iris security keypad, v2 (maybe)

I’d appreciate any tips to help make the set up go more smoothly. I’ve read some comments from folks that have had to redo set up because they did something wrong. I’m trying to avoid this.

I’d installed the proprietary adt/st sensors first since those are the only ones that can be used for security/fire/water monitoring. Then start with mains powered devices, working your way away from the ADT panel and running frequent zwave repairs. And then other wireless sensors.


I’ll second @Automated_House advise. Get the Hub up and the security side going first with the New App.

Determine if local processing, outside of the ADT security devices, is important…This is big because there is a rule engine called webCoRE that just kicks arse. However, it relies on the cloud.

If local processing is not a deal breaker then get familiar with the IDE and how to install custom apps. You will need the Classic App; which is miles better IMHO.

If you find yourself struggling to get things done in the New App, I suggest using webCoRE and the Classic App for everything non ADT related.

Hardwired stuff first then wireless!


Thanks for the replies! I went with the ADT hub because of its local processing capability. However, I thought local processing was only possible with the ADT branded sensors. Is that not correct?

My plan is/was to use ADT branded sensors on the most critical points (like entry doors) so that at least those areas would be covered when the cloud isn’t available. I thought the devices I’m bringing over from my Iris system would be cloud dependent and not capable of triggering an alarm if the cloud isn’t available. Also, I understand that none of the non-ADT branded devices are able to be used for professional monitoring with ADT. That’s fine because I don’t plan on using that service at this time.

Am I thinking this through accurately?

You really have to think about the ADT Hub as two separate entities…sorta…So let’s take the ADT side of things out of the picture for now. There are plenty of devices that will run locally without having to be branded as ADT/ST…The Device Type Handler (DTH) has to be able to run local and the SmartApp has to be able to run local…No part of the chain can be depenpdent on the Cloud.

Now the bad part is, although there are a ton of devices that run locally, there are only a couple of SmartApps that actually run locally. :thinking: SmartLighting is the biggest player. It can do some rules but it not really good at most things that are complex.

Yes, most Iris devices have local DTH.

Now, there are two SmartThings Apps with two separate Smart Home Monitor (SHM) Apps. They are totally different apps and one doesn’t arm the other and visa-versa…:zipper_mouth_face: Here’s the kicker, BOTH need the cloud. :roll_eyes: Here’s the second kicker, even though things will run local, you can’t get any notifications or text because again, those need the cloud. :rofl: You can have sirens going off and lights flashing but if you are not at home…Dun Da Dunn

Now, let’s bring back the ADT side of things. This is why this panel is uniquely positioned. It works just like a traditional Alarm System with a SmartThings Hub thrown in the mix. Only the ADT/ST sensors work for the security side of things where the internet is not a factor. All other devices, you are back to the restrictions that I laid out above.


Ok… I think I understand. ADT branded sensors will work without cloud and will send alerts to me if hub has internet. Also, with paid monitoring it will send alerts via cellular if internet is unavailable.

Some non-ADT devices can run locally but need internet to send alerts. Those non-ADT devices can send alerts to me (not ADT) but only if cloud is available. Yes?


Sounds like you got it :+1:t2: