Any padlocks known to work? (UK)


I’m looking for some padlocks that I can connect to my SmartThings directly or via IFTTT?
Does anyone know of any available?


There aren’t any that I know of.

There are a couple of Bluetooth locks, so you might be able to do something with Android, Tasker, and Sharptools.

There are a couple of other options depending on the exact use case.

Here’s a discussion thread:


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Many thanks.
I’m installing an external plug socket out the front of my property, and want to be notified of any access to it. I’ve purchased a lockable box, so either want to have it secured by a smart padlock, or swap the double socket for one that I can link with my SmartThings hub to be notified of it’s use - or better still, kill the power via the app until such time as I need it.

I’m wondering if the Energenie socket can do the job…

What country are you in?

If you just want to be able to turn it on and off, an inwall micro should work as long as you get one spec’d for the specific load.

The aeotec heavy duty micro is available in both the US and EU and works for many similar cases. Just make sure you get the zwave frequency that matches your hub.

UK version:

There are other lighter load options as well, it just depends what you need and what local safety code requires.

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I’m in the UK

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You could put a sticker inside the enclosure cover: “Call house to turn power on before Use.” :sunglasses:

How have you wired the external double socket ??
it is basicaly an extension socket run from the face of an indoor plug or is it wired in to the mains from the back of an existing wall socket ? and also what are you going to be plugging in to it ??

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The socket has been made a spur from the mains out the back of an existing socket. I’m only using it for external led lights and occasionally the hoover when I get around to cleaning the car!

I’ve purchased the LightwaveRF double socket as that will allow me to turn on/off the sockets, and also lock them in that state regardless of someone trying to manually override them.

In the end I bought a dumb padlock to keep the cover locked.

Ultimately I’ll rewire the socket into a mains ring, and it can be used to charge my electric car (not yet purchased) - and I may just get a camping padlock, one that has an alarm on it used for tents. My security camera covers the area anyway.

I’m just trying to prevent other people using my electric, and unplugging my future car overnight when charging.

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