Any ideas about the Foscam E1-Wifi IP Camera? or Battery-powered Camera?

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It seems there are a lot of Wifi IP Cameras on Amazon, brand like Arlo, Nest, Foscam are selling their wireless battery powered security cameras. Arlo is selling a great amount of cameras, but one thing i noticed is that Foscam also provide Free cloud storage for its cameras, and there are several options for choose if you want more features. what do you think about cloud storage compared to other traditional local storage?

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Depends on how it works. If it’s unlimited can be accessed remotely and downloaded at will, retrieved through an app and never expires, then cloud is pretty good!

(Rashid Iqbal) #3

Yes Free Cloud Storage is great option for such IP cameras.

How much free storage FOSCAM E1 is offering and Battery capacity ?

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it seems the battery is 5000mAh, and it offers 7-day of free storage up to 1GB, for more, you can check it:

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for Foscam, they offer 7-day of free cloud storage up to 1GB, and they also offer other cloud packages for choosing, but it need subscription fee to enable more features

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Thanks for your quick reply.

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Have you thought about what features are important to you? That may help. If it’s Foscam likely you can use it with SmartThings.

But beyond the remote arming / disarming and motion notifications, what features are you looking for in the cloud? 1GB is a decent amount and if you download the relevant alert then 7 days should be just about okay but if you’re looking at online archival then it’s a different matter.

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with cloud service, you are free to view live stream or playback, anyway, it will be much more easier for storage.