Any good Black Friday deals in the uk

As stated. Anything?

Amazon, smartthings starter kit, £139.99.

Lg oled 65 inch 4k tv latest model at currys £2869.

Amazon echo, £119.99 . Echo Dots £39.99.

Going to get the kids to school and spend the morning in the office looking for deals and Christmas presents.

Desperate for a couple of cheap smart plugs (still!).

A couple on Vesternet…

One is a TKB which is metered and still quite costly but good quality and reliable

And another at £17 but seems to be an ‘unknown’ and appears nobody has tried it on ST before (well, nobody posted on the forum about it)

about time Samsung stepped up to the mark & offered their loyal customers more than just a handful of discounted items for Smartthings…


It might be more related to Christmas then Black Friday, but Vesternet is offering a major sale on Greenwave Z Way pocket sockets. They may be getting ready to release a Z wave plus version, but this is a good deal if you don’t need the extra range.

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I bought a few of these to try out and can confirm they are zwave plus already.

*EDIT need to retract this. I somehow recall seeing somewhere that it was zwave plus but cannot find anything now to substantiate this especially as I’ve thrown everything away. So I am not sure that it is right now and I would not purchase based on it being definitely gen5.

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