Any experience with GE12722 / Jasco in high humidity?

I have one bathroom that is quite small. When someone showers there, it gets very humid very quickly. In the 8 years I’ve owned the home, I’ve replaced all the metal in the room due to rust.

The bathroom has an exhaust fan - but it often doesn’t get turned on when someone is showering.

I was considering putting up a humidity sensor near the ceiling and a GE 12722 switch in the wall to automatically turn on the exhaust when the humidity goes up. The switch is on the opposite side of the (small) room, and at normal switch height.

Any thoughts as to whether the GE 12722 would survive the humditiy in the room?

I’m actually going to do this same thing, but my bathroom is large. I just don’t like the humidity going into the house.

I put the fan on a smart switch so I can trigger it with humidity. Also, because the family likes to turn them on and leave. And with the bathrooms and the fans going, it is just sucking out the conditioned air to cool the outside!

I just have to get a humidity sensor…

Wrap the connections well with electrical tape and you should be fine.

Hi @GoRoos, I had the same concern, but with the previous version of the GE switch. Almost 2 years later, and no problems. I always wrap my switches with electrical tape because of the exposed screws. I do not like to take a chance with any wires coming into contact with anything. I think you’ll be okay.

In each bathroom I also have an ST humidity sensor. It’s set to turn on the vent fan and the HVAC fan in the zone where the bathroom is. The fans then turn off after the humidity falls below my set level.

A couple notes about my setup:

  • I still have the old Dashboards, in this case Damage and Danger where humidity control was easily configured in single nice and simple app. You can still do that with the “new and not so well improved” 2.0 app, BUT you’ll need 2 Smart Home Monitor custom rules - one to monitor for your high humidity level and turn on things, and one to monitor for your low humidity level and turn things off. Rule Machine may be better, but I’ve not tried a humidity rule yet.
  • In case you were wondering about the HVAC fan option, I use a custom device type for my thermos and implemented “switch” capabilities which turns on the fan, or turns it to auto when switched off.

I put a GE 12722 on my exhaust fan and a Lowes Door sensor on my shower door. When closed, turns the fan on. 60 seconds after opening turns fan off. Works great for my wife who always forgets to turn on the fan :smile:

I have almost this exact setup, and it works well. The only difference is that I’m using the GE45856 (Zigbee version of the GE12722). I’m using the SmartSense temp/humidity sensor, which is Zigbee, and wanted the switch as a repeater for the battery powered sensor.

I have the same scenario as @GoRoos. I was planning on replacing the switch which is on the other side of the bathroom with the GE 12722 and put a SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor on the ceiling just above the shower near the exhaust fan. From my research it seems like the humidity sensor’s polling interval is too long and may not kick on the fan until you are done showering. I have emailed SmartThings support to confirm this. @johnathan398 wrote a Smart App called Smart Humidity Fan which I want to try if polling is fast enough. He even put in an auto-shutoff if you turn on the fan manually:

If polling becomes an issue, another approach is what @scottalex has done with a door sensor on the shower door. I’m thinking a SmartSense Multi Sensor would do. I would like to have the fan kick on when the door is opened. Run for 60 seconds, then check temp. If temp is high keep running and check temp again later at whatever the normal polling interval is. Turn the fan off only after the temperature is detected to be back down to normal.