Another laundry monitor question

Hello, I’m really new with SmartThings and currently exploring its applications.
I have a question about how should I set up a laundry monitor in terms of the hardware.
The threads I found have been years old and new devices has faded and came in since then.
How would you set up a laundry monitor?
Would you use a vibration sensor like ST Multi?
Or would you use an energy monitor plug such as Aeon’s selections or ST outlet?
Or is there an in-wall outlet set up? I assume the GE in-wall outlet can’t do energy monitoring? One I found was the Aeon Micro Energy Switch.

Your advices will be helpful.


I use one like the one below and monitor it with CoRE, a community smart app.

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I use a Wemo insight switch. They are only $30 today!

Use this device type for a reliable connection:

You can either use CoRE (see above) or just the Wemo notification.

Thanks for the replies.
I ended up getting two ST outlet and two Wemo switch (the max I can get from amazon).
I’ve yet to close on the house so I’ll have to just grab the units and check the form factor later.
I’ll load up those smartapps/handler.

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