can anyone recommend the best approach, to configure a routine that when executed would announce if any window or door sensors are open via sonos. i` guess i could do this using core, but im wandering if therr are any deeicated smart apps for this?



I recommend Big Talker. Does exactly what you want it to do, along with a lot of other things, sending them to Sonos or other speech devices (including Alexa if you have Ask Alexa).

Here is a link to get you started: [Release 1.1.12 3/13/2017] Big Talker - Talk when events occur

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Hi @Daniel_Edge,

@MichaelS is correct.

I use that ST community app with my project for announcments in my house.

I basically have this set up with a text message through Core. You could also make it announce through core as well.

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As @MichaelS mentioned above, Big Talker is a great app for notifications when events occur at your location. If you need an app that not only plays events on connected speakers (Sonos, Alexa) but also sends events to mobile phones, TVs, etc and has a robust time scheduler, with an easy UI, you may consider RemindR

[RELEASE] RemindR ~ don’t miss an important event!

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Thanks all!

I’ve installed big talker and have it announcing when windows are opened. What I really want to happen is that when we execute our bed time routine or routine for leaving the house it announces if any windows have been left open.

E.g. “You have left window 1 and 2 open” or “all windows closed”


Can I do this using big talker ?

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I do not know if what you have installed can do what you are asking, but I can back up what @SBDOBRESCU said above, ReminderR can very easily do this.

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As @bamarayne mentioned, RemindR can do it (I’ll let you be the judge on how easy it is to do it)…

It’s a two steps process in RemindR:

  1. Create an 'Ad-Hoc Report", which looks like this: (I added the &lights when you leave as a bonus, you actually can add a lot more &variables to your report)

  1. Create a “Triggered Report” using your routine as trigger… It looks like this.

Now you have a custom report that can be delivered on multiple outlets (speakers, phones, TVs, etc)


thanks for the help.

Ive just tried to recreate and triggered this a routine. Rather than announcing the text from the report, previewed to say “no windows are open” it instead says " xxx routine executed" (this is through sonos)

any idea what i’m doing wrong?


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Hope you enjoy the app. Let me know if you have any other questions…