Announcement: Changes to Developer Discussion

During the last few months we have expanded the ways that developers can contact @jody.albritton, @jim, @unixbeast, and myself. This has allowed conversations to happen in real time instead of needing to wait for our bi-weekly developer discussions.

Because of this we would like to repurpose the developer calls to be more educational in nature. In order to revamp the developer call and provide time for us to develop education content we will be decreasing the frequency of the developer call to monthly instead of bi-weekly. We will continue to remain and increase our presence on the community and encourage you to do so as well.

We would like to provide educational content every call with a SmartThings expert and follow that up with an optional Q&A. The Q&A portion will be used to answer questions from the education section of the call as well as answer any other questions you have.

We would appreciate your help deciding the day of the week the developer call should be held on, so below you will find a poll. Please provide feedback on the poll so we can find the day that works best for the most people. Once the poll has enough responses we will provide a new schedule for the call.

We can’t wait to share with you what we have planned for the new format of the dev call and look forward to seeing you next month!

  • Monday @ 2pm PT
  • Monday @ 5pm PT
  • Tuesday @ 2pm PT
  • Tuesday @ 5pm PT
  • Wednesday @ 2pm PT
  • Wednesday @ 5pm PT
  • Thursday @ 2pm PT
  • Thursday @ 5pm PT

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Where is the poll for 5pm vs. 8pm EST? Any 2pm PT…


Hmm…all those options currently translate (this will change as daylight savings changes both here and there) to 7am or 10am Tuesday to Friday - so I’ll be preparing to go to or be at the office… :disappointed:

Now, if there was a 5pm Friday - that would be 10:00am Saturday here…perfect!

But your beer & pizza budget might need a boost to convince your colleagues to spend their Friday evening on this… :smile:

Virtual pizzas?


Since SmartThings is transitioning this to more of an educational event, perhaps the day of week and time of day are less relevant. I voted for my preferred day and time, but if it ends up on a different day/time, I will just download the podcast. :slight_smile:


Fair enough :slight_smile: