New Date and Schedule for Developer Calls!

The wait is over. We tallied the results (OK discourse tallied them…) and it was a close call between Wednesday at 2 PM and Wednesday at 5 PM. (4 person difference in the top two results)

We have decided to hold the calls at 2 PM every 2nd Wednesday of the Month. The new format will be more informative and educational in nature and we will continue to post them on YouTube. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are excited to see you on the next Dev Call!

To copy this event to your calendar click here.


So much for actually having a [9 to 5] job and attending calls :sob:


Where was the voting on this? I didn’t see a thread or anything on the Slack channel about it. Also, why are we not updating the existing calendar? Your link gives a 400 error.

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The existing calendar is updated.

Calendar can be found here.

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5pm had 12% more votes on Wednesday and a total of 10% more votes across all days so what was the point of asking us to vote…


but its not just about you guys in the US, being 2pm makes the dev calls far more accessible to us in Europe

My point was that if they’re going to let us vote on the time, they need to use the time that won the vote, otherwise what was the point of voting.

I’m curious to know if they’ve had a noticeable decline in attendance since they changed the time to 2pm

but a 12% lead isn’t a particularly overwhelming result to keep it at 5pm i think what it shows that if ST wanted to change it to 2pm (why not it brings it into their work day which will mean it will be easier to engage developers and others within the ST company to join the Dev calls.) but by doing the vote in the first place they did a bit of market research to make sure they weren’t gonna pee off an overwhelming number of users wanting to keep it at 5pm.

disclaimer… any views expressed in this post are entirely my own and are not made to cause offence, however it could also be the case that my views expressed in this post can be total and utter b0110cks.

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I’d normally consider 12% a lot, but with the low number of votes you’re right. You’re probably also right about the reason behind the vote, I never though of it that way.