Android, tasker and sharp tools

ok not sure if this is possible. i’ve never used tasker or sharp tools.

i have a fire place which is controlled over bluetooth using an android phone. the app has basic features. what i want to do is create a smartthings virtual switch that some how uses the android app to turn the fire on/off.

can i achieve this with tasker and sharp tools

The answer is: it depends.

For Bluetooth interactivity, you’ll need to find out the Android ‘intents’ that turn the fireplace on/off and adjust its intensity. Check with the maker/vendor of the fireplace and its app.

An intent string might look something like this:

Intent sendIntent = new Intent();
sendIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, textMessage);

If you can get those commands for your device, then certainly Tasker can send them.
And if Tasker can send them, then you can use sharptools to send them based on conditions present in SmartThings.

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If you live in the US, you should also be aware that doing this may well be a code violation in your town and could also void your homeowners insurance, so you will want to look into that first.

The reason is that in many jurisdictions, it is illegal to operate a fireplace with a remote that is not in line of sight to the fireplace, typically more than 20 feet away. This is a fire safety issue.

As soon as you make the fireplace switch controllable from SmartThings, then even though you know that you don’t intend to be at your office and turn on the fireplace at your home, just the fact that you can will violate the code. And of course once you have added system modifications that violate local safety codes, you impact your homeowners insurance.

Also, if you check the forum you will see a number of reports of lights turning themselves unexpectedly or garage doors opening… To avoid the safety issues that that can raise with a fireplace, you want to make sure that the controlling switch has a built-in safety timer, as not all do.

So just something to be aware of.


thanks both. will have to see what i can do.

JDRoberts - im in the UK. i also probably should have said that its an electric fireplace for affect only, no heat. So shouldnt cause any insurance/saftey issues.

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in short, yes. You’ll need a device within Bluetooth range of the fireplace at all times running tasker. There are a few tasker add-ons you’ll need. One way to do it is to use a tasker notification listener service that waits for a certain word or phrase in a notification. For instance, a virutal switch in smartthings named “fireplace” can send a ST notification when turned on or off. The listener can wait for “firplace turned on” or whatever you decide. Then using tasker again, you can use tasker add-on “auto-input” to record what touches on the screen open the fireplace app and start/stop it. I use a similar setup to get my SkybellHD casted to my tv when the doorbell rings.

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