Android App updated to

My Android App was updated to this morning. I do not see any obvious changes.

I’ve had one phone update this morning. Currently it doesn’t think the geolocation is set. It has the correct geolocation and radius but no address and neither can it search for addresses. This makes it report as not set in the location and app settings.

The same Location is all working correctly on another phone. It rather seems the app is projecting its own failure onto the Location.

Update: The other phone has been updated and handles Location correctly. The working phone is a Samsung running Android 11. The failing one is a Nokia running Android 12.

Second update: Logged out, logged in, reinstalled. No change. As far as I can see the ‘address’ is a feature of the app and not the Location, so it does seem it is an own goal by the app

The ‘Report a problem’ was totally useless in the UK for the previous version of the app. It now brings up a form that shows awareness of SmartThings, including the logfile it just created. However apart from creating the logfile it is identical to ‘Ask a question’. I suspect this was a fix applied at the Samsung website end since the last update.

My phone (Samsung S20+ 5G) was updated to Android 13 last week.
Just updated the SmartThings app and location is still working as expected.

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Geocoding in the app is now only working on a OneUI 3.1/Android 11 phone for me. OneUI 2.0/Android 10 has the same problem as my Android 12 phone. It seems like the absence of geocoding isn’t completely knocking out presence sensing but renders management of it effectively impossible on the affected phones.

Today they had to update something, I don’t know if it was in the Android App or complement…
All the icons have changed in the way they are displayed, the animations and some, like the camera, is new.
When disabled they are all grayscale with more contrast than before
When they are activated they have changed the animation and the colors of the icon.

Any animation, like the fan still doesn’t work for me

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I noticed this too. The increased contrast makes it difficult to distinguish between on and off since they’re so similar now.

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo some fan animations are still working. @blueyetisoftware virtual fan still has a working animation.

I noticed they changed some of the colors of the on state.



The UI is the most frustrating, annoying UI of all the smart apps i have

The tile shows the words on off but they stay the same colour ??

The on off circular button stays the same colour on or off

The tile itself stays the same colour when it could change to a colour dependant on state

Aaahhhh… the UI designers just do not understand basic design practice, the whole app is horrible for many many many reasons

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Which capability are you using on the dashboard for the ones that aren’t working? I think the animation only responds to the Low/Medium/High/Max values of the fanSpeed capability. Any values outside of those will change the icon color but will not start the animation.

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That must be it, I have it on a switch with the SmartPlug category, which offers the fan icon as an option

Really, really hating this change! Every time I open the app I think all my devices are on.

There’s a tiny color speck on most of the icons that changes from grey to yellow when turned on. But it’s so small as to generally be invisible.

If we got a vote, I’d vote to revert this change!


No one listens, i been moaning and groaning about the UI since we lost the original ST UI, the thing went from gold standard useability to designed by a student who was working tightly within the boundaries of a multi managed corporate enviroment… a place where flair and design go to die and no one cares as long as there getting paid

Et voila… todays UI

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I didn’t start with SmartThings until very near the end of the original app so I never got attached to it. I don’t find the current app particularly bad or good, just adequate.

I am brand new to Smartthings and generally I am pretty good with this stuff but this app seems to be really basic. Unless I am missing something (which I hope I am) it is not very powerful and does not seem to have much functionality. Are there some sort of add-ons or other apps that are better?

SharpTools is a popular 3rd party add on app. It has a powerful rules engine and nice dashboards.

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