Android 1.7.0 - Release Notes - 03/26/2015

SmartThings 1.7.0 is a major update including bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. We’ve basically rebuilt the app from the ground up.

Notable Changes:
Bug fixes and improvements, we aren’t able to list them all but trust us we spent the majority of our time on this
Load time improvements
Widget - we have added a widget for you to trigger your Hello Home actions

New Features:
Added Hub Updates

Updated logic for saving of Page Settings
Updated Settings PUT logic
Updated Pre-Login SmartSetup >Search: “full authentication required” message to something more user friendly
Removed Device Image from Device Preferences

Fixed: Developers cannot use custom tiles for their custom device types
Fixed: Device Tiles without any states crashes the app
Fixed: My Account: ‘Geofence exit delay’ text is covered by text
Fixed: Slider touch point is very large, cut off when it is all the way to the right or left
Fixed: Activity Feed: Some text is not in bold
Fixed: Missing Done/Save button on Set Location
Fixed: Service Managers display as installed before fully completing setup
Fixed: Things > Dropcam: Carousel disappears after navigating away from thing detail screen
Fixed: Right SmartApps drawer remains open when navigating back using GUI navigation
Fixed: User is not brought back to Dashboard after configuring a SmartApp/Use Case
Fixed: Deleted DeviceGroup Images re-appear
Fixed: Occasionally the app will crash when removing a device
Fixed: SmartSetup > Added switch appears to user as saved, but it is not saved