Andriod Tablet Or Ipad?

After much reading, someone brought up a good point. Although, I love the way a recessed tablet looks and I am thinking that I am going to get or build something that might be future proof, for lack of better words.

When you recess a specific tablet you are pretty much limited on what you can replace it with when it either goes obsolete or it happens to break down.

On another note, it is crazy how much these plastic holders cost!


Good point, but drywall isn’t that hard to patch up. I have plaster over lathe in most of my house and I’m still considering a recessed solution. But the potential mess makes magnets very attractive. . . .

The magnets do make a very strong case.

I have a two gang outlet that I was going to mount an intercom on and never did so it would work perfect for me to go that route. I even have Cat5 there where I can run power over ethernet making it that much simpler.

Yikes, plaster is even harder… LOL

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