And / Or logic question for multiple triggers in new V3 app?

I want to turn on lights when one or more of my 4 ring cameras detect motion and I’m away. My question is this: When I identify the cameras I want to use as triggers, how does the automation trigger logic perform?

In other words is it an “AND” or “OR” logic?

For example, does the logic work this way?

“When camera 1, AND camera 2, AND Camera 3, AND camera 4, THEN activate trigger.”

Or does the logic work this way?

“When camera 1, OR camera 2, OR Camera 3, OR camera 4, THEN activate trigger.”

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Depends on what smart app/automation creator you are using to create this automation. Need more details/screen shot.

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Not sure how to take a screen shot of an automation, but I’m using the smartthings app on my android phone.

First we need to know whether you are using the classic smartthings app or the newer smartthings app. See the FAQ for how you can figure that out:

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have

Using the newer smartthings app

Generally speaking about Boolean expressions (and/or) if you want the light to turn on when ALL cameras detected a movement then it needs to be set to AND, while if you want the lights to turn on when ANY of the four detected movement then it needs to be OR

Thank you, but is there a setting in the new smartthings app that allows me to select and or or?

In the new app If you add more than one condition to the automation If statement, then you have a tab to select it to work in All conditions (AND) or Any condition (OR)

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Thank you.