An idea for rules "At home"

not sure, if this is the right place and i have no idea how to develope this or adress an idea, but maybe somebody read this and can forward to the right person in charge: I have some rules defined in smart things and a lot of them beginning with: “If I am at home…”.
Problem: “At Home” is a really big area. I think it is based on GPS a radius of 250 meters. Means; My programmed rule is active even i am sitting by the neighborhood. Better idea: I am at home, if my mobilephone logon into my home WiFi. Than i can programming sensefull things: Open the garage, turn on the lights and so on.
It would be really great, if this will be possible.

Add a virtual switch which triggers the automation you wish.
Then, through IFTTT make an applet such that when you log into home WiFi your virtual switch opens.
Roast beef dinner!

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As of this writing Smartthings allows you to create a “simulated presence sensor” Which is a virtual device that you can turn on and off with other conditions occurred.

So there are indeed some people who use check ins to their own Wi-Fi system for presence detection. Others, like myself, need an even smaller geopresence region. So I use an IBeacon combined with IFTTT.

Others use other methods.

There is a community FAQ about this, but all of the examples are from the old version of the app, so at this point it’s more of a proof of concept topic then a specific how to. But it can definitely be done. :sunglasses:

See the FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)