Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera?

@kevin I got this one from Amcrest, NV4108 and I just use it as a digital recorder plus it’s a single entry point into all my cameras from offsite without all the port forwarding/opening hassle sorry I don’t know about it’s api capabilities. I hope the link I gave about with its tech specs will help you.

Thanks David. My current solution was to try to make these great Amcrest cameras work via SmartTile live feeds so it makes it super easy as a user interface on my wall mounted tablet in the foyer. But I will give your device type a try as well. Thanks!

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Thanks! Just thought of something… what do multiple IP cameras streaming HD 24/7 do to your network?

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I’ll keep my eye on it but so far it hasn’t been an issue but I only have 3 HD cameras and one VGA camera installed.

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I use the SmartTiles -> Video Streams -> Generic MJPEG Video Streams to get live streaming from my 2 Amcrest cameras. Works quite well, since I do not want audio there.

I am creating a Parent/Child SmartApp now for the Amcrest which will be helpful if you have multiple cameras. I also have a request from @thehands1 to add a mute for RTSP streams, so changes coming in the next few days. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the device handler! I got it to display my video. However the PTZ controls do not work? Am I missing something?

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Which camera model are you using?

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Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P

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I have that model as well and the PTZ controls are working for me. Does is work sporadically or not at all? Did you check the IDE logs? Are the request getting back before a timeout?

1 Like it’s getting sent. I’m also unable to get the MJPEG stream working. Only the RTSP one. Must be some setting I’m missing.

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Hi @JvH,

It looks like you are sending a PTZ request, but you are sending it to the RTSP port?? Can you try changing it to your HTTP port (80, unless you are mapping 80 for external access)?


Agreed. I have 2 and they are pretty much plug in, quick configure and then leave alone. They also integrate into larger systems like Blue Iris.

I had some scratching in my attic so I unplugged, unscrewed the holder, took it into the attic, plugged in and even though the attic is pitch black, I could see what the problem was clear as day. The micro SD slot will allow you to store video locally and download via web.

About the scratching, was a squirrel called itself moving in. Threw some mothballs up there and I guess it decided not to stay.

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Been watching this thread for a while and just over the past month, there have been a slew of brand new forum users flocking to this thread to proclaim their love of this “amcrest security” camera… always in lower case and never commenting on any other threads. Either this thing is really really popular with new users or… :stuck_out_tongue:

Will this work with the 1080p amcrest POE camera’s? I see everyone here using wifi camera’s…obviously I still need the Amcrest POE NVR, correct?

If you have a POE you will need the non NVR units.

How come? Can’t I just select which channel to access via editing the setting of the “AcrestCAM01” Camera Channel: 1 and Video Channel: 1…will this work? Just typing in my server addresss and my TCP port?

Will your current or upcoming smartApp work with the Amcrest IPM-HX1W?

Yes, it should… unless they updated the firmware to only accept digest authentication.

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Thanks so much! Using your template I can display my Amcrest IPM723S stream in my ActionTiles.

Glad it helped.

Be careful about firmware updates! The last one I saw for my camera removed MPEG, which would break this completely. And I haven’t looked into whether it’d be possible to downgrade.

And not that you asked for this, but I’ve moved from ActionTiles (back when it was known as SmartTiles) to Ultimately it was more powerful and worked better for me, even though it does take a little bit more time to learn and setup. One of those trade-offs, with more power comes more complexity.