Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera?

I am trying to set up IPM-HX1W camera ( i have 8 of thouse) with ST and code you provided and no luck. Anything I should do different for this camera - IPM-HX1W,
Software Version2.420.AC00.15.R, build : 2016-09-08

WEB Version3.2.1.377299

ONVIF Version2.42

I got it to a point where camera takes a snap shot, but no live video. Is there a fix?

I’d take a look at the thread below. Once digest authentication became a requirement, I’ve only been able to get RTSP to work. I have a beta version working with digest if you want to give it a go. Just send me a PM. It’s slow but works for me.

What port is the default? Should this work from a web browser?

Can you provide step by step details how you did this as I would like to do the same

First off: If You’ve updated your firmware, they’re removed the feature.

It does work in most browsers. I only tried with chrome, edge, and firefox. I don’t know the default (and it looks like I’d have to reset my camera to find out). You’ll be able to find it in the amcrest settings. Looks like this:

You’ll need to port forward for access outside your LAN.