Amcrest Cameras

Have anyone tested and or have the Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera - 1080P (1920TVL), IP2M-841 (White).
It seems to be really cool

Camera is really nice. Just got it this weekend. I have it sorta working with smarttiles (thought I seem to have to re-authenticate periodically). Haven’t tried anything else smartthings with it yet. I’ve thought about trying to pull it in as a motion sensor with its email function via IFTTT.

@ladams1 Did you end up getting this and if so did it work out? I’m looking at getting an Amcrest myself and this is a make a break in my opinion. Thanks!

I can tell you that I have the IP2M-841 and it works with ST using a community DTH.

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I did get the camera and can’t get it to work with smart things but I am using the app and has it working well. I really wish that I could get it to work with ST as I could incorporate it.

Some people have them: