Amazon Buys Ring Doorbell Company

I see that Amazon just bought Ring.
I wonder if they will block ST integration the way they have done with Blink cameras.

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already a thread open…

When Amazon bought Blink, a few of us were wondering why they just didn’t buy Ring and our thinking was that Ring was probably just too expensive and Blink was cheaper and got them most of what they wanted. Obviously, we were wrong. I have to wonder what this means for Blink - both Blink and Ring were working on security systems, both had doorbells (well, Blink’s is/was on the verge of release), and both have cameras. I kind of see Blink being absorbed into Ring and many of their products killed (especially the doorbell and security system).

I do believe Amazon will buy Wink next - Amazon is apparently bundling Wink 2 into their new HA offerings and I have a feeling Wink would be a cheap acquisition who could deliver a big ROI.