Amazon Tap $79.00 w/free shipping until 8/8/16


Save another $15 using discount

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I am really “Fighting the urge” to grad a Tap. At only $64, it is really a battle.

easy to say no…no always listening feature :wink:

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Another $4.80 off if you go through Topcashback. Just sayin’.

And another 5% of you use Discover or Lowe’s card LOL

I know, The claim that they are not always listening, but it is too coincidental how many times we have been talking about something and suddenly that thing ( or similar) is suddenly in the top suggested items . Type “b” into the search and baby blankets is the top item in the drop down suggestions after we were just talking about wife making a blanket for new grandchild.

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I caved , would have rather gotten another $49 Dot ( but we pretty much all know Dots are history ) and used speakers, but for $68 ( with tax) I couldn’t pass it up.