Amazon new Gen2 and Echo Plus Models

(Ron) #1

Amazon announced new models today (searched but not found so sorry if duplicate post).

But I am confused because it lists the Gen2 without the SmartThings logo which would make it worse than the Gen1. Why would this lose cloud access to SmartThings?

The Echo Plus lists the SmartThings Logo but says it acts like a hub so you don’t need to purchase other hub, but doesn’t have zwave or zigbee so clearly it still needs SmartThings.


(jkp) #2

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

I doubt the logo presence or lack thereof, is significant. Only a list of detailed specifications and a comprehensive list of integrations would be informative.

Alexa/Echo has a lot more integrations than indicated by either set of logos in the images you pasted.

(Ron) #4

Good point. Just seems strange to not list SmartThings on one and not other. But I am pretty sure they will both work same with ST.


See the details in the existing active thread. You may be surprised. :sunglasses:

(Ron) #6

WHY DOES SEARCH NEVER WORK FOR ME!!! Sorry about the duplicate, I really did try.

(Gabe) #7

In this link

It shows the smartthings logo at the bottom, im going to assume that going into every product detailed page you can also find it

(Ron) #8

Slightly surprised but without zwave it might as well not have zigbee for my system. I have over 90% z-wave.