Amazon’s new Echo Plus doubles as a smart home hub

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Will this have zwave and zigbee?

It says “various wireless protocols” and mentions Zigbee but not Z-Wave.

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Specs, where are the specs? :scream:

there are already over 100 devices available for the Plus including lights, bulbs and locks.

This could be a category killer, at least as far as low-end hubs like wink and SmartThings with regard to the non power user segment. But it all depends on what devices are involved.


Assuming they have some sort of automation, I’m guessing this will be more of a HomeKit competitor. Simple rules that won’t quite match the power of SmartThings or maybe even wink.


Yes, spot on. Unless it’s like Harmony’s Z wave extender and has no real rules at all. So it’s just a voice remote.

But my point is that most people don’t need more than HomeKit does. They might like more, but not at the cost of less reliability or more maintenance required.

But we’ll have to wait on the details.

Where are the specs?


Anyone see where you can pre-order? I would like to play around with it at the least.

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I’m sorry but sometimes I cannot stop myself from being childish. Sorry.



Was there any FCC certification indicating what radio frequencies?

I was just looking for that, I haven’t seen it. But Amazon files a lot of stuff, they may have hidden it under some other name.

Update: Amazon was granted a confidentiality letter for all their new pre-release devices, so there’s nothing yet from the FCC files until it’s actually ready for sale.

WHERE ARE THE SPECS? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Amazon says that the Echo Plus doesn’t need apps or skills, it just works out of the box, giving you all the Echo fun you’re used to, but working as a smart home controller too, with lots of partners already on board, including the like of Philips and Honeywell.
To get you started, every Echo Plus will come with a Philips Hue White light bulb.
It will also be able to natively create routines and scenes, able to execute smart home controls across a range of devices, for example opening the blinds and turning on the kettle when you say “good morning”.


The new devices are showing up on their website, mentions zigbee but not z-wave…

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Seriously, this is torture. :nauseated_face::rage::roll_eyes::dizzy_face:

I know, I know…wait 24 hours and all will be revealed. But I want to know NOW! :triumph:


I ordered one. Release date is October 31.


Halloween? Must be the work of witches!


JD, here you go.

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OK, based on the Amazon page, it has three radios: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and zigbee. No Z wave. But I can’t tell if the Bluetooth can eventually be used for anything except audio transfer.

The zigbee is really interesting. At first I thought it might be just ZLL, but, no, they are listing compatibility with some ZHA devices, including an already on the market GE pocket socket and a Yale lock.

Simple setup works with a variety of ZigBee lights, locks, and plugs from leading brands such as Philips Hue, GE, Kwikset, and more.

I’m wondering if they’re doing it the way wink does it, which is a modification of the protocol.

Anyway, Z wave must be feeling a cold breeze this afternoon. They better get their HomeKit integration out soon, it looks like they missed this boat.

I bet they don’t have user code integration for the locks, though. We’ll see.


If I didn’t have ST, this might be all I would need.

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It will be used for the Alexa Gadgets API also, so not just audio transfer.


Oooh… I wonder if the buttons will end up being able to run the routines for the home automation piece. :sunglasses: