Amazon Integration in new app

In the old classic amazon integration app you could select which devices were controlable by amazon but in the new app you cant. This means that Amazon now sees all of my lights twice.
I prefer to let amaozn control my hue lights directly rather than through ST as they have a better integration and its direct betewwn amazon and philips rather than Amazon > ST >Philips
Is it now impossible to select which devices are used by Amazon?
Cheers Hugh

It is not currently possible but it is a feature that will be added back at some point in the future. You can find more details in the following thread…

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Just disable the Hue light that came in through ST in the Alexa app for now. This will allow Alexa to go directly to the Hue bridge.

Cool thanks all. I almost went down the route of removing the Hue skill from Alexa!