Amazon Fire TV Stick

Anyone thought of how this could be used with SmartThings:,1871,s=1568&iid=436647,00.asp

If you can sideload apps onto it, like the Fire TV (proper), you could run an Android app to interface with the SmartThings platform. If an app has already been designed for large/xhdpi landscape devices, then it should run ok on the Fire TV.

I have two Fire TV sticks on order, so when I get them I’ll try to sideload my SharpTools app onto one of the devices and see how it runs.


is it possible to get the status of the Fire Tv (playing or paused) through a LAN query ? (http , or something else)

Actually I do something like that with my Harmony…

You have to download adb with the Android SDK platform tools.

Then you can change apps, or issue a remote command using an “adb server”

Here are a couple examples:
If you want to open Playstation Vue:
adb shell monkey -p com.snei.vue.firetv 1

Get the listings for your installed apps by doing this:
adb shell pm list packages

For Remote Commands:


adb shell input keyevent (code from above)

If you have more questions: I’m here to answer.

I cut the cord entirely and use EventGhost to receive commands from my Harmony, these commands that I have set up for a dummy device are received by a MCE Remote Receiver.

When I press on an activity, the remote sends a unique command for the dummy device to start an activity such as Watch PlayStation Vue to the computer, eventghost sees dummy device command and, then I wrote a macro to act on each dummy key that’s pressed (Watch Plex [1], Watch HDHR [2], Watch HBONow [3], Watch Showtime [4]) Each of those I got from the list packages. All of these address my FireTV with those “adb shell monkey” commands.

I would say that I have a pretty neat setup that probably has not crossed anyone’s mind.

I can share my EventGhost macros with you, It’s not that hard to set up after you have them. But, you do have to have a PC within your viewing area.