Amazon Echo & Rachio

(Ron S) #1

(Marc) #2

This is actually been around awhile and it hasn’t worked well for me. I ended up using IFTTT with tigger receipes…

(Ron S) #3

I am brain dead these days! I got the email from Amazon today! And I tried it out once and it did work! :wink: As such Jersey already hitting 90’s, the native Rachio app is what I prefer! Set it up and forget it!


Yea, I’ve been able to do the same using IFTTT, but this is nice as it removes the need for IFTTT all-together… and this is the last thing I have IFTTT running in the middle for in my setup.


It’s worked for me for a couple of weeks. Just wish there was an option to “ask Rachio to start schedule”, rather than just one zone.

(Marc) #6

I think the problem I have is saying the word “Rachio” doesn’t seem natural to me. This is why I’d rather say “Alexa trigger sprinklers on”.

(Bobby) #7

I used it couple of times in the past month to delay schedule when it was raining. It worked well for me.

(Chick Webb) #8

Can’t you just say “start watering”? I thought I saw that somewhere… Yeah, here - How do I use Alexa with my Rachio?


I’ve had this “hook-up” for about a month. I think “start watering” is a new option. But I could be wrong, that’s what my wife tells me all of the time. With about 7 inches of rain here in Omaha the last 3 weeks I haven’t had a chance to play with this. Now it looks like we’re gonna dry out a bit. So at least I got that to look forward to.