Rachio now in SmartThings

I only saw this today, but there is finally a fully supported smartapp for the Rachio sprinkler system. Works great!

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Just wish there was a quick button push option to run my full normal watering schedule. And possible getting that option available in ActionTiles. Same thing with the Alexa integration, it looks like I can only tell her to turn on a individual zone.

I haven’t de-winterized my system yet, and it looks like 4 days worth of rain here next week. So I won’t be able to play around with this for awhile.

Yea, I know these fancy sprinkler gadgets are suppose to be set & forget. But I’m retired an get up early, so I still like to start watering “manually”.

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Just use the Rachio app for the times you want that.

Or if you want Alexa voice control look into using the IFTTT channel

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Your wish was granted by @joshua_lyon … Cannot get easier to run all zones from your phone… SharpTools rocks!


That’s no fun! That would require about 3 clicks on my phone or computer. Would love to tell Alexa, “start watering the lawn”, or push a button on ActionTiles. :smirk:

Edit: OK, just saw the above posts. Now I’m hoping for a dry spell so I can start using this new stuff.

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Why not make a Routine?

Rachio has had an Alexa skill for over a year that has various commands to water the entire yard or specific zones:

I tried that last summer, but Alexa kept asking me for a zone & time. I will have to play with her again in a few weeks when I get the sprinkler system going & it stops raining here. Could it be that I have the version 1 Rachio so Alexa can’t do that function?

Who wants to ‘tell Rachio’ or is it Iro? I don’t remember… when you can say Alexa turn on the sprinkelers in the yard… or tell home to turn on the sprinklers (with EchoSistant). Which ever is more natural :smile: But…why would you want an additional task for yourself when the Rachio schedules work so well. I used to tell Alexa that is raining (to use the rain delay) but I added a rain sensor to my Netatmo and I don’t do that anymore either…

I have a v1 as well and it works. Here are all the official commands:

Because I’m retired :joy: A weather geek :umbrella: A “green guy” :earth_americas: And I need something to keep me busy so I don’t :beer: to excess. All of this ST’s, Alexa, Sonos, Rachio, Eccobee, BloomSky, ActionTiles, IP cameras & trying to do the custom device types & apps, is my hobby. It somewhat keeps me out of trouble.


I hear you… I am doing all of that and a little bit more. I challenge you to install EchoSistant and I promise I’ll add what ever phrase you would like to tell Alexa to run your sprinklers whenever you want. @bamarayne and myself are around to guide you. :smile:


Just found this integration today as well! I have the Gen 1 and just tested it with Ask Alexa. “Alexa, tell SmartThings to water my lawn” and it worked! I have a macro set up that is called “Water my lawn”.

I have a Gen 2 unit and it works like a charm.

Has anyone inventoried the functions available in WebCoRE? I can’t figure out which one to use.