Amazon Echo audio issues

This is non St related but i am posting to see if others have sim issues or its just me

Front room Amazon Echo
Echo dot line out to Sonos connect, Sonos connect to audio amp,audio amp to Mission floor standers
Basicaly my floor standers are being used as the voice for the dot

Echo Sonos skill enabled

3 Sonos speakers 2 x Play1 1 x Play3 also in front room

If we speak to Echo the audio from the Echo line out into the amp and out to the speakers is really low even with echo up to 10 and the connect and amp turned up to max, the sonos app is configured to use a line level of 8, autoplay is enabled for the missions

The stupid and annoying thing is, if we ask the time or temp then the audio from the missions is so low you cant hear it… we can just about hear the start and end tone which is enabled but if we ask the weather for the week the audio is un hearable until about half way through the echo result and then suddenly it becomes loud and audible in the way it should be ???

having just typed the above i am now wondering if i should turn off auto play as i guess echo is (ducking) muting the same speakers it is using to speak and play from, kind of treading on its own toes
Nah maybe not, i dont think autoplay has anything to do with ducking

it would be sooo much better if you could set default voice speakers to an Echo in the Echo app

and i am pretty sure this annoyance of low volume has only just started since the latest Sonos update, getting fed up asking the dot the time and weather tbh

If i disconect the sonos skill which kills the ability to use the Sonos speakers with the dot then the issue goes away and the line out from dot to connect and amp goes away and volume to the missions is returned
If i enable the skill the issue re appears