Always on smart plugs

I have a project with some appliances (sump pump / dehumidifier / freezer) plugged into smart outlets to monitor the power draw and notify when the sump kicks on or if the power draw drops indicating an appliance failure. However, I do not want to accidentally turn off these outlets and disable the appliances. Are there any apps that can monitor “always on” outlets, or am I better off using the built in local automations to alert me if these are switched off?

Basically, an app that has the following would be great

  1. Monitors a list of plugs/switches
  2. Alerts to high or low power draw for each
  3. Alerts to power off and keeps them on


You can right a simple automation.
IF outlet A is off
THEN turn on outlet A

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That is what I have now, but I have to do it for each appliance. I was hoping there was a smart app that combined all of this functionality for appliances with this behavior.